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Fully developed laminar heat transfer of non-Newtonian fluids between fixed parallel plates has been studied both thermally and hydrodynamically, accounting for the effect of the moving fluid's viscous dissipation. Both plates are kept at distinct constant heat fluxes as the thermal boundary condition. Analytical solutions to the energy equation and subsequent Nusselt number were found using the Brinkman number and power-law index. The results demonstrate that the power-law index of the moving fluid has an impact on heat transmission. Pseudo-plastic and dilatant fluids exhibit differing heat transfer characteristics when viscous dissipation is present. It is important to take into account the major impacts of viscous dissipation on heat transmission between parallel plates under specific circumstances.

Recent Advances in Reformatsky Reaction and Grignard Reaction and other Uncommon Electrophilic Centre []

The ever increasing large scale isolation of naturally occurring Coumarin having diversified skeleton pattern with manifold biological and industrial application throws a challenge for their synthesis. Recent Advances for the synthesis of various derivatives of Coumarin through the application of organozinc and organomagnesium reagents well reputed for their high stereo and chemoselctivity are presented in this review

Energy consumption in an SOA that combines Spark, MapReduce and HDFS []

During any operation of management of large volumes of data, we must use many frameworks together which appears efficient but consumes more economic energies and material. In this article, we have made a comparison between two service-oriented architectures. Each one has, as purpose, to gather a set of advanced frameworks to manage the largest amount of data collected but with the least possible energy consumption. The first architecture is based on Spark and Hadoop HDFS. The second one is based on Hadoop MapReduce and Hadoop HDFS. All of them use the Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling technique to maximize the energy consumed. After the calculation of this consumption for the two architectures, we concluded with a third architecture that uses less consumption than the first two architectures.

Improvement energy-efficiency for industrial applications: Analysing the fluorescent and LED illumination []

This research paper presents a comparative study on the energy consumption and efficiency of fluorescent and LED lighting in an electronic workshop. The aim is to identify the most energy-efficient lighting solution for optimal energy consumption while ensuring adequate illumination for the workspace. The study involves a comprehensive analysis of both lighting technologies, including their energy consumption, lifespan, color rendering index (CRI), maintenance requirements, and overall cost-effectiveness. The results provide valuable insights into selecting the most suitable lighting option for electronic workshops, thereby promoting sustainable energy practices. Both scenarios have been modeled and simulated by using Dialux and photometric data for the luminaires have been gathered by using simulation software. The LED lighting system consumed approximately 68% less energy than the fluorescent lighting system, resulting in substantial energy savings over the long term. Keywords: Energy consumption, Comparative study, fluorescent lighting, LED lighting, Energy Efficiency, Electronic workshop.


An analytical approach to the effects of viscous dissipation on forced convective heat transfer for a Couette-Poiseuille flow of power-law fluid between asymmetric boundary conditions is considered. The studied Couette-Poiseuille flow is simply a maximum velocity flow and a numerical solution is required to find the region where the maximum velocity occurs. A new analytical formula for the Nusselt number was obtained regarding the heat flow ratio between upper and lower parallel plates and the Brinkman number established for a power law fluid. The results which condensed to a few specific examples are consistent with previous findings. If we compare the Nusselt number and the Brinkman number, we see an asymptotic Brinkman number. This has a sign shift for the set of power law indices under consideration.

Design of Two Interleaved Error Detection and Corrections using Hsiao Code and CRC []

With the continuous downscaling of CMOS technologies, the issues of soft errors and reliability are set to become increasingly challenging. In order to detect and correct these errors and enhance reliability of the circuits, this paper describes a design of two interleaved Double-Adjacent-Error-Corrections (DAECs) for Error Detection and Correction (EDAC), using the Hsiao Code and Cyclic Redundancy Code (CRC). Hsiao codes are modified version of Hamming codes which are widely used in modern systems. A cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is a non-secure hash function designed to detect accidental changes to digital data in computer networks. It is characterized by specification of a generator polynomial, which is used as the divisor in a polynomial long division over a finite field, taking the input data as the dividend. The remainder becomes the result. CRCs are particularly easy to implement in hardware and are therefore commonly used. We also propose two storage formats and algorithm designs that can manage and store the 48-bit codeword in 8-bit and 16-bit memory devices, a typical satellite scenario where board space is scarce. We use Verilog, C++, and ModelSim to create and test our designs.

Using Artificial Intelligence in Project Management []

The development of project management is going in a fast pace in accordance with the development of artificial intelligence, and researchers are racing to study the optimal ways to use it in project management in a more effective and sustainable manner. This research aims to study the use of artificial intelligence in project management and its constraints. The researcher found that artificial intelligence can be used for management of every project stage. The researcher concluded that feeding artificial intelligence with promising predictions professionally through previous projects will contribute in data collection with higher intelligence and faster than the employee who relies on intuition and emotional intelligence, and thus enables it to make the right decision and exploit the self-learning of the machine and its ability to make decisions, monitor the behavior of the project, predict its future trends and challenges. At the project level, we find that the role of artificial intelligence is highlighted in repetitive, multi-functional, and complex projects. At the project stage level, artificial intelligence is used more widely in the project planning stage, especially planning to manage project costs, schedule, productivity, risks, and safety. This research serves as a starting point for inputs represented by more focused research to study how to analyze, improve and organize the use of artificial intelligence and its challenges in each step of the project for converting it into outputs through a tangible process that may be represented by talking robots or applications on a mobile phone or something else


The demand for the readiness of the Indonesian Air Force in supporting the TNI's duties cannot be separated from the readiness of the Indonesian Air Force Base which is part of the air power element and has an important role in carrying out air operations because all aircraft are very dependent on their air bases. Without good readiness from flight support facilities and installations at the Indonesian Air Force Base, the implementation of air operations will be hampered. In the conceptual era, the Indonesian Air Force empowered members to improve human resources as implementers of existing policies in an agency. Research objectives To determine the effect of motivation, work discipline and leadership on the performance of Iswahyudi Lanud members. The type of research used in this research is explanatory research. Population is a combination of all elements in the form of events, things or people who have similar characteristics which is the center of attention of a researcher because it is seen as a research universe. The population in this study were members of the Iswahjudi Maospati air base, consisting of 60 First Officers. The data used in this study is primary data, namely through a questionnaire. Data analysis used instrument test, classical assumption test, multiple linear regression and statistical test. The results of the study show (1) Motivation has a positive and significant effect on the performance of members of Iswahyudi Magetan air base. (2) Work Discipline has a positive and significant effect on the Performance of Iswahyudi Magetan Air Base Members. (3) Leadership has a positive and significant effect on the performance of members of Iswahyudi Magetan air base. (4) Motivation, Work Discipline and Leadership simultaneously have a positive and significant effect on the Performance of Iswahyudi Magetan Air Base Members

Cosmic Microwave Background []

The cosmic microwave background (CMB) has revolutionized astrophysics. My paper describes its importance to high school students. CMB was first recorded by the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE), a spacecraft launched to obtain CMB data. The first time the CMB was analysed in temperature, it was all the same, but reducing the fraction to 1/100,000 in temperature fluctuations showed us the current CMB anisotropies we see today(“CMB Introduction,” n.d.). This also answered the question of how galaxies and nebulas were formed. With the discovery of CMB anisotropies and using quantum fluctuations, scientists came up with a theory of acoustic oscillations; by combining data from other satellites they created the power spectrum, which is a graphical representation of the relationship between multipole and temperature fluctuations. Using CMB monopole cooling, scientists were able to calculate Hubble’s Constant, which encompasses the rate at which the universe is expanding in Megaparsec (Mpc) (1 Mpc = 3.24 × 1020 km). With this paper, I want the readers to be inspired to pursue and unveil more secrets of our universe.

The metaphysics behind linguistic intelligence: A post-Chomskian approach []

The purpose of this article is to explore the metaphysical aspects behind linguistic intelligence, namely the concept and activity of prayer. For this, a sample similar to those in Prayer/”prayer” duality research is to be used. It is hoped this effort will be the beginning of new research on this area, so that new insights on the linguistic and cognitive phenomena can be reached.

The Impact of Funded Research Projects on Architectural Education Development Delta-TU Partnership between Mansoura University and TU-Berlin []

The field of architectural education is constantly evolving and adapting to the changing demands of industry, society, and technological advancements. Research-based learning is a critical aspect of architectural education that helps students to develop their analytical and creative skills. Funded research projects play a crucial role in advancing the development of architectural education by providing support for new pedagogical approaches, innovative teaching methods and improvement of the learning environment. This research paper examines the transformative impact of funded research projects on the development of architectural education, focusing on the "Delta-TU Partnership" project between Mansoura University and TU-Berlin. The study investigates whether such projects have a positive influence on architectural education in Egypt. By analyzing the project's activities and outcomes, this research explores the effects on curriculum enhancement, faculty development, learner experiences, and the learning environment. A mixed-methods approach was employed, including surveys and interviews with students and teaching staff. The findings reveal that the project significantly contributes to curriculum enrichment through workshops, dual-online courses, guest lectures, and study visits. The engagement of teaching staff in project activities leads to improved teaching methods and research endeavors. Learners benefit from enhanced skills, interdisciplinary collaborations, and exposure to practical applications. The establishment of specialized laboratories further elevates the learning environment. The research underscores the potential of funded research projects to elevate architectural education and offers recommendations for sustained growth. Ultimately, this study contributes to understanding the synergy between research initiatives and pedagogical advancement in architectural education.


The research aims to analyze the Implementation Model of the Neutrality Supervision Policy for State Civil Servants in the 2019 Presidential and Vice Presidential Elections. This research uses a qualitative approach with a case study method. The concrete case chosen in this research is the 2019 General Election for President and Vice President in the district/city of the former Madiun Residency. The data in this research were obtained from observations, in-depth interviews, and policy product documents related to monitoring the neutrality of the State Civil Service. The research findings show that the implementation model for the policy of monitoring the neutrality of the State Civil Apparatus in the 2019 Presidential and Vice Presidential general elections in the former Madiun Residency Regency/City area can generally be categorized as good

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